Widespread Panic resumed their Southern defeat with a second night of strain during Mud Island Amphitheater in Memphis, Tennessee final night. To many fans, a initial night was one of a many heated and parsimonious shows of a year, so when it was with good expectation that a rope shuffled behind onstage.

A brief and honeyed “Disco” kicked a night off before John Bell led a assembly by a relaxed wander with a mellow “Wondering” from 1993’s Everyday. Jimmy Herring confounded by a blazin’ “Papa Johnny Road” from Ball (2003) before Dave Schools trounced a buoyant kick for “Walkin’ (For Your Love)” from their self-titled second album.

Putting a pedal to a metal, a rope came together easily for a sizzlin’ “Papa’s Home”. This jam from Everyday has several dash changes and breakdowns and had a assembly stompin’ and dancin’ with a full arrangement of a band’s common talents. A unwashed “Shut Up and Drive” from 2010’s Dirty Side Down segued into a drastic chronicle of “Hatfield”. John Bell was in rise form and nailed a lyrics beautifully before dishing out a rousing swat with all a bells, whistles, and descriptions of “Hatfield’s mom with her two-string ukulele” intact.

For usually a fourth time given a entrance during Panic en la Playa Siete, a rope delved into a stirring delivery of “Sundown Betty” before slicing a voluptuous cover of Bloodkin’s “Can’t Get High”. To tighten a set, a boys aced a demoniac “Action Man” from Don’t Tell a Band (2001), withdrawal a assembly in a dumbfounded faint as they walked off a theatre for setbreak.

Upon returning to a stage, a rope reasonably delved into a cover of Pops Staples‘ strain “Hope in a Hopeless World” from Bombs Butterflies as a loyalty to a blank teen who jumped into a Mississippi River a night prior. Jimmy Herring electrified a slicing chronicle of “Pilgrims”, another from Everyday, before JoJo Hermann took a helm for a commencement of a jam that didn’t surrender until a finish of a second set. An superb unusual electrocute of J.J. Cale’s “Ride Me High” changed into a complicated and sharp-witted “Tie Your Shoes.” With repeating spiraling descents, a whole rope came together to accidentally erase this jam.

Duane Trucks commandeered a spotlight for a absolute percussive cornucopia before a rope returned for a commencement of “Fishwater” with John Bell and Jimmy Herring behaving as unstoppable forces. Cody Dickinson from North Mississippi Allstars came out with a washboard to addition as Dave Schools and JoJo Hermann led the charge on “Big Wooly Mammoth”. The musicians returned from this dear classical behind into “Fishwater” with Cody Dickinson before permitting Sonny Ortiz time to belt his drum pack with smallest assistance from Duane Trucks.

Widespread Panic w/ Cody Dickinson – “Big Wooly Mammoth” “Fishwater”

[Video: Fred Ramadan]

The rope returned once some-more to finish “Fishwater” (this time but Cody Dickinson) before segueing into a rough and voluptuous delivery of George Clinton’s “Red Hot Mama”. To interpretation a second set and scarcely eighty-minute method of nonstop jams, a boys beaten home a party-anthem “Chilly Water” finish with a night sky full of drifting cups of water.

For a encore’s initial number, Jimmy Herring led a rope by a boiling cover of Murray McLauchlan’s “Honky Red”. Before finishing a evening, John Bell pronounced a few difference to make light of final night’s comfortless misfortune, “Ladies and gentlemen, this will be a ‘Last Dance’ of a evening. Please take caring of any other, watch out for any other so we can live to play another day.” With that, a musicians sealed with a cover of Neil Young’s “Last Dance” with a unreal relapse and emotionally wrought lyrics.

Widespread Panic earnings to a theatre subsequent on Aug 24th in Arrington, Virginia for a 6th annual LOCKN’ Festival. Many have speculated about with whom a rope will be collaborating, and deliberation a rope played 3 Neil Young covers this weekend, we can usually wish that it is Ol’ Neil himself—or, during a really least, some members of his band, Promise of a Real, who are set to play LOCKN’ a same day as Panic. Until subsequent time, my friends. Work hard, stay well. See a setlist below.

For a full list of arriving dates, conduct to Widespread Panic’s website.

Setlist: Widespread Panic | Mud Island Amphitheater | Memphis, TN | 6/30/18

Set 1 Disco, Wondering, Papa Johnny Road, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Papa’s Home, Shut Up and Drive Hatfield, Sundown Betty, Can’t Get High, Action Man (71 mins)

Set 2 Hope In A Hopeless World, Pilgrims, Ride Me High Tie Your Shoes Duane Drums Fishwater Big Wooly Mammoth* Fishwater* Sunny Drums Fishwater Red Hot Mama Chilly Water (95 mins)

Encore: Honky Red, Last Dance (18 mins)

Notes * w/ Cody Dickinson on washboard (North Mississippi Allstars)