Town of Westfield Offers 10 Alternatives to Junk Day

June 8, 2018 - metal shoes

WESTFIELD, NJ — With Westfield’s 2018 massive balderdash module postponed (and presumably canceled), a city is charity 10 suggested choice ways to get absolved of your junk this June:

1. Bring a carload of bulk balderdash or mattresses to a Westfield Conservation Center: For a one-time price of $30, we can dispose of one carload of bulk waste. Or, for a initial time, we can dispose of mattresses or box springs for adult to $25, too. This is open to residents of Westfield only, though doesn’t need carrying a Conservation Center permit.

2. Recycle your electronics, chuck metal and wardrobe for giveaway during a Westfield Conservation Center: No assent required. Open to all Union County Residents.

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3. Recycle your wiring or wardrobe for giveaway with Curb My Clutter (Westfield’s newest recycling service). Just content “pickup” to 908-356-4107 and Curb My Clutter will report a giveaway home pick-up. Learn some-more during

4. Help allow an unit with Furniture Assist: Donate your kindly used furniture, mattresses (except king), toys/games, linens, tiny appliances, clothes/shoes, books, baby items, kitchen items, lamps, mirrors, rugs and other equipment that make a residence a home. Furniture Assist furnishes 20 apartments per week in a area. Drop off on Sundays from noon to  2:30 p.m. in Springfield. Learn some-more during

5. Donate your domicile products with GreenDrop in Springfield. GreenDrop collects wardrobe and domicile goods, sells them to internal preservation stores and donates a deduction to internal charities. They accept all new or kindly used wardrobe and shoes, common domicile items, kitchenware, games/toys, tiny appliances, electronics, sporting goods, books/cds/videos and tiny seat weighing reduction than 50 lbs. Either drop-off during their plcae in Springfield or report a home pick-up during

6. Donate to Goodwill Industries in Springfield, NJ. They accept kindly used clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, handbags, luggage, domicile goods, books and other items. Visit for some-more information.

7. Sell on Westfield NJ Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook page: Post your object on a page, that has 8,600 members ( Just ask to join and post your object on a Facebook page. Keep in mind a aged proverb – someone’s junk is someone else’s treasure.

8. Contact your private balderdash hauler: Most will collect adult bulk balderdash for a tiny fee.

9. Use Bagster: Buy this dumpster in a bag and report pickup online with Waste Management. It binds adult to a whopping 3,300 lbs. of debris. Buy a $30 bag during Westfield Home Lumber or Garwood Home Depot and spend $175 for a removal. You can chuck out domicile junk, construction debris, yard waste, dirt/sod/concrete/ rocks. But we can’t chuck out appliances/tires/large stumps/electronics/food waste/toxic-hazardous items. To learn more, revisit

10. Have it hauled divided by 1-800 Junk: Throw out appliances, mattresses, TVs, printers, computers, bikes, refrigerators, carpeting, furniture, electronics, yard waste, chuck metal, ubiquitous rubbish, construction balderdash and tires. Schedule a quote during

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