Toast To This: The Shoe Surgeon And Jack Daniels’ AF1

February 16, 2018 - metal shoes

While Hennessy is in brief supply, many are branch to Jack Daniels might do a trick. But who would ever think, a universe famous Tennessee Honey Whiskey would enthuse such a pleasing sneaker. Designed by Dominic Chambrone, improved famous as “The Shoe Surgeon,” this iconic origination will be prepared for All-Star Weekend.

As if a bottle of a golden whiskey fell from a prolongation line, alighting directly on Nike’s Air Force 1. This disdainful tradition conformation comes dressed to impress, like a classical whiskey sipper in a tailored three-piece suit.

Made with 3 forms of leather, bullion steel eyelets, and leather laces with relating steel aglets.  Vachetta tan leather accents designate a whiskey’s sugar flavor. Additionally, a black Horween leather symbolizes a reward peculiarity of all Jack Daniels products. Lastly, a unsettled brownish-red leather decorates a shoes’ upper, mystic of Jack’s signature aging process.

It is transparent a lot of suspicion and courtesy to fact went into formulating this masterpiece. Just like Jack Daniels gets improved with time, these sneakers will age gracefully.

Keep in mind, these are exclusive.

Which means if we wish a pair, we will need to be in Los Angeles on Feb 17 or Feb 18th, stop by a Lynchburg General Store pop-up between 10 and 11 AM. Get your wristband, drawings will began during 11 AM. However, if you’re not aged adequate to buy and sip Jack Daniels, you’re not aged adequate to buy these whiskey desirous Air Force 1’s.



jack-daniels-the-shoe-surgeon-air-force-1-all-star-weekend-release 5



True sneakerheads will remember that impulse on MTV Cribs, when Fat Joe famously licked a bottom of his packet condition Jordan VII’s, good to those propitious few will take these lush etiquette home: we suggest we don’t lick these in public. One proposal lick of these Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey Air Force 1’s–and we only competence finish adult feeling tipsy.

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