The world’s initial squeezable steel bottle

March 15, 2018 - metal shoes

In sports many athletes need a squeezable bottle that allows for one-handed, quick and accurate drinking. But now all squeezable bottles are done out of plastic. That means: Bad taste, intensity health risk and chuck divided mentality.

Nowadays, all your apparatus is high-tech. You have a best shoes, a best shirt – so because not carrying a best bottle?

Driven by that problem we set out dual years ago to rise a improved sports bottle. Many attempts after we found a suitable element (elastic titanium). Even some-more attempts after we found a suitable producer. A manufacturer specialized in producing kicker cover for CERN and other molecule accelerators around a world.

Last tumble we constructed a initial bottle as proof-of-concept. Currently, a dedicated prolongation complement is being built in Denmark. We’ve been postulated 4 open appropriation here in Vienna/Austria, though given growth of hardware involves complicated investment we’re still struggling. That’s because we are looking for backers on Kickstarter starting this week (March 14th).

Design Team

Lukas Angst – Project Manager

Robert Vierlinger – Product Design

René Bang Madsen – Material Development

KEEGO’s pattern goes palm in palm with a technology. while a squeezability of a bottle is formed on an innovative use of material, a functionality of this element stands and falls with a concordant shape. consequently, a sports bottle is tangible by ergonomic, as good as organic and technological requirements. a dull square-shape and monolithic pattern gives a aspect of a bottle an ideal placement of tragedy and pressure, that creates it a lot easier to squeeze. it is also really good matched to a specific element properties and prolongation process. a tip behind KEEGO’s functionality lies within a prolongation routine that allows to supplement an effervescent core to a titanium bottle. a pivotal is to accurately control a alloy routine in sequence to allay a agility according to a volume of highlight in opposite tools of a fist bottle.

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