Specialized S-Works 7 highway boots initial float review

February 13, 2018 - metal shoes

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The latest expansion of high-end highway boots from Specialized, a S-Works 7, facilities a a streamlined design, tradition steel BOA dials and a some-more forgiving fit than a prior iteration. After a few rides, my impressions are scarcely all positive.

S-Works 7 vs S-Works 6

  • much easier entry
  • less firm tip of a heel enclosure
  • new solitary with element private underneath outward of foot
  • wider toe box
  • 265g for distance 45 shown here
  • $400 / £330

The heel crater itself is utterly identical to a prior generation, though a tip of a heel slap is many some-more pliable

What we like

First, a discerning authority on a S-Works 6 shoe: The final iteration of Specialized’s high-end boots was/is crazy light, crazy stiff, and crazy tough to get your feet into since of a vise-like grip of a tip of a heel cuff. The shoe has a locked-on feel not found elsewhere; we can float a shoe though tightening a laces during all. The Dyneema fabric used on a tip didn’t widen during all. While a shoe felt line prolongation of a cleat — we were unequivocally sealed into a bike — it also felt like a dress shoe to get into, and to travel in.

Fast brazen to a S-Works 7, and a tip of a heel cuff, while still cradling a behind of a foot, is open and comfortable. The heel crater still feels sealed on, though it doesn’t feel like we are compromising all-around comfort to get there.

Sponsored riders told Specialized that they favourite a certain heel rendezvous of a S-Works 6, though would cite something with some-more stretchable stuffing during a top

Specialized kept a Dyneema fabric though manipulated it a bit by laminating it with a TPU mesh.

It’s been cold here in Colorado, so we can’t unequivocally pronounce to a heat comfort of a shoe yet, over observant that a toe box and tongue are lonesome with little perforations, while a sides of a shoe are not breathable.

The toe box is somewhat wider than a S-Works 6, and it’s some-more pliable, too. we consider this is a good thing.

The 7 during left has a wider toe box and a softer altogether feel than a S-Works 6

The new BOAs demeanour sharp and are easy to operate, micro-adjusting in both directions. The laces slip simply off a hooks when holding a boots off, and slip only as simply behind into place when we put a shoe behind on.

After a few 90-minute rides and one 5-hour ride, we can contend we find a boots to be unequivocally comfortable, though still possessing scarcely all of a locked-in feel of a 6s.

BOA done Specialized a possess steel dial. Both companies tested a series of designs to find something grippy – even with sweaty or sunscreen-covered fingers – though not sharp

What we don’t like

On a whole, I’m a fan of what Specialized has been doing with boots a final few years. Dr. Andy Pruitt is now in his 18th indication year operative on what used to be called Body Geometry shoes, and there are many good reasons Specialized kicks are tip sellers.

The one thing that bugs me with a S-Works 7 is how a unbending dilemma of a tip sticks into a tip of my feet when walking. While riding, there is no problem, as my feet doesn’t unequivocally pierce during an strident angle to my skin while pedaling. But when walking, it does, and a skinny element pokes me. It’s minor, though now that I’ve beheld it, it’s irritating.

The tip unbending corner of a S-Works 7 upper, only above a tip black loop, presses into my feet when walking

Custom footbeds by Retül and MasterFit

Specialized purchased 3D-fit experts Retül, and tradition insoles are now partial of a offerings from a multiplication that also does energetic equipment for saddles, bikes and more.

Retül worked with ski-boot fitter Masterfit to rise cycling-specific, heat-moldable insoles. Retül done me a span during a bureau in Boulder, Colorado.

Specialized’s Retul fit multiplication offers tradition insoles with record from ski-boot association MasterFit

I’m not picky about insoles in many shoes, so we didn’t feel any blazing need for a tradition solution. Still, it turns out tradition footbeds are flattering comfortable. And these, of course, are tailor-made to slip into Specialized shoes.

Bottom line

The S-Works 7 boots are light with hyper-stiff soles and a gentle tip fit for rides of clearly any duration. The new BOA dials are discriminating and easy to use. Unlike a ski foot character of a 6s, a 7s are easy to get in and out of, though they still feel sealed onto your feet for a certain tie to a pedals and a bike.

I will refurbish this as a full examination after some some-more miles. In a meantime, click by a gallery above for a closer look. 

I will news behind after a few hundred some-more miles on a S-Works 7 shoes

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