Seven Ways Crocs Could Be Cool Again

February 6, 2018 - metal shoes

7. Make them recyclable
Like, indeed recyclable. The law light-foam construction element of normal Crocs competence remind we of those biodegradable make-up peanuts that are radically un-powdered cheese puffs, though it’s distant from it. Not usually is it not biodegradable, though it’s also not recyclable with other like plastics. It is radically landfill fodder. Of course, Crocs has finished a best to equivalent this built-in disastrous by initial formulating Crocs Cares, that took in aged boots and refurbished them to give divided to a needy. When that module finished (the couple on a website is dead, and a association hasn’t talked about it in years), Crocs partnered with Soles4Souls, that accepts “gently used” shoes, including Crocs, to disseminate to those in need. Both excellent programs, though a fact remains: Crocs only aren’t really earth-friendly, notwithstanding a company’s ad campaigns. Fixing that would be a re-branding manoeuvre watchful to happen.

It's a box full of costly Crocs. Red bottoms and all.

6. Offer a giveaway beach with any span
How do we emanate demand? By tying supply. And one approach we extent supply is by creation a boots both disdainful and costly — since any one comes with a five-foot-by-seven-foot frame of a beach, only large adequate to lay out a towel, maybe in Texas, maybe in Mexico or Central America, maybe somewhere else in a universe where land prices are within a area of pricey and not ludicrous. Buy some Crocs, buy a vacation spot; sell them for Louboutin-like prices, and see a distinction margins stand with a informative notoriety. Now you, too, can humble-brag about your beachfront skill in Costa Rica.

5. Advertise that they’re done with Rocky Mountain open water
Hey, it’s worked for years for a Coors family.

4. Two words: moon Crocs
Remember moon shoes, those bouncy-castle-things we could tag to your feel when we were a kid? (Or if you’re comparison than a ’90s kid, we competence still remember them — they go as distant behind as a ’50s, when they were done out of steel springs.) If Crocs could transcribe that technology, who could resist? Listen, we don’t caring if Crocs demeanour even worse when they’re 3 times bigger: If it feels like I’m walking on mini-trampolines with any step, count me in.

Guardians of a Crocs Galaxy.

3. Celebrity publicity by a Guardians of a Galaxy
No offense to a poetic and gifted Drew Barrymore, though let’s be frank: What assembly is she bringing to a list with her representation? Fans of The Wedding Singer? No, her manic pixie dream lady persona won’t attract an assembly that could currently be called “cool.” But superheroes are pop-culture hot, and Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper (who admittedly is a raccoon, though still) are all flattering cool, and Marvel’s Guardians movies are indeed era-nostalgic already (’70s music, ’80s movies…why not early-2000s style?). If anyone can move Crocs behind with an effective brew of zeitgeist, irony and tangible awesome, it’s a Guardians of a Galaxy.

Crocs already come in orange and blue, so...

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2. Crocs Stadium during Mile High
Hey, it’s a Colorado-based company, and a track is looking for a customer for fixing rights, and…wait, would that meant that we’d be reminded of cosmetic boots any time we went to a football game? That a trademark would turn synonymous with a Broncos? That we’d have to move a Rocky Mountain Thunder…in Crocs? Yeah, on second thought, forget this suggestion. Please.

Not only a round of Crocs, it's also a cry for help.EXPAND

1. Time travel
Granted, if we had a possibility to go behind in time, we competence not select 2006…but if we did, you’d find that America was Croc-alicious. And for one brief, resplendent moment, cool.

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