‘Scandal’ Series Finale: Costume Designer Reflects on a Impact of Olivia Pope’s Fashion

April 22, 2018 - metal shoes

Over 8 years and 7 seasons, dress engineer Lyn Paolo has helped emanate and rise one of TV’s many talked-about characters: Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope. Featuring Prada, Gucci, Miu Miu, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo and many some-more labels, “Scandal” has turn one of a many select shows of all time — so many so that The Limited launched a collection desirous by a array in 2014.

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For Paolo, this buzzy greeting to a onscreen character came unexpectedly.

“It was startling since we proceed any pursuit accurately a same way. But we consider a courtesy was since of Shonda Rhimes and her venerate and affinity for amicable media — and, of course, Kerry. It was a connection of everybody operative together,” Paolo said. (The ratings escalation for “Scandal” was partly due to a cast’s live-tweeting of any episode.)

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“My group creates a digital stylebook for any actor, and we send to them dual days before a part airs, so if fans ask what they wore, a actors can respond in genuine time. This creates it some-more insinuate with a audience,” Paolo added. “It’s a chronicle of a red carpet.”

Looking behind during her time on “Scandal,” Paolo pronounced a show’s finish is bittersweet.

“We are a family,” she said. “I just venerate [Kerry]. Not only as an actor — she’s a decent human. She’s a good leader, and to have her No. 1 on a call piece has been a privilege. We are in astonishment of her.”

As distant as costumes go, Olivia Pope’s remained a many consistent, Paolo said. And via a final season, she was seen in some-more irritable looks — even down to her shoes. “We [went with] a lot of steel spikes and forked stilettos. [Since she was] in a White House, we’ve wanted to simulate that [power] in a clothing,” she said.


Paolo’s many noted moment? It was “Scandal’s” 100th episode, and Olivia gets married in a dream sequence.

“We put Kerry in a princess dress, that is something Olivia would substantially never pick, though that was a point. We were removing Kerry dressed, and she has her jeans on underneath. We didn’t consider anything of it; we were only enjoying a moment. When Kerry walked out, a whole assemblage of extras stood adult and started applauding and cheering. It was a weird, joyous moment. It was a good day.”

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