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May 18, 2018 - metal shoes

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Once, when we were low in monsoon season, someone asked me long-distance if we ever got wearied with zero though a same aged rain. 

Same old? Hardly. I’ve review the Inuit famous during slightest 50 opposite kinds of snow, since for them, there was no such thing as plain snow, and their solidified universe was anything though dull.

Same here: We might not have English difference for them all yet, though Southwest Florida has innumerable kinds of rain, and nothing of them are dull.


There’s a sleet that sluices and swashes down in good messy sheets, sleet that soaks a journal in a bag, branch printed pages to a single, humid pulp-scented cudgel.

Showers that deposit opposite parking lots and pastures, silvering a atmosphere as they pass.

Spiky sleet that prickles a skin of pools and ponds.

Rain with a insolence to plea a Gulf, hissing during it, slapping it, pummeling it until a salt H2O blurs and slurs in surrender.


Lullaby rain, listened from low in a dream — low and slow, balmy us behind to sleep.

New-wine rain: a afternoon’s initial moisture flung opposite dry earth and cement, lifting a vegetable mist, scented with limestone and soppy sun.


The sleet of bad comedy, eye-roll rain, forgotten-umbrella, car-windows-down, wash-hung-out rain.

Rain that’s no compare for a stand-up newswoman’s fortified coif, sleet that pools for a impulse in a swell of a curl, afterwards drips from a stiffened tip to her fuchsia shoulder, from that it beads and slithers south.

Kalashnikov sleet that blasts itself opposite a beach, thudding craters into a silt as it strafes toward a horizon.


Rain that tames a half-wild dumpy cows, that pelts them as they rip adult grass, pelts them as they glower from underneath shrubby palmetto, pelts them until they tighten their eyes, hang their heads and shudder like kittens.

Rain that scares a ruin out of us, sorrow down by night, rising inexorably by day.

Rain that carries with it shoes, coolers and sheet-metal snarls. Filthy rain, engorged with poisonous sand and city refuse, electrified by snapped wires.

Reckless sleet hurling itself opposite a splendid sky, dancing opposite a face of a sun, to die as sleet and arise again in seven-toned splendor.


Metal-flat rain, issuing lead-bellied opposite a earth, flooding fields, farms, a paved, a unpaved, and all things engineered.


The sleet of remembrance, a solid surge flapping like obscurity in a gray-green glaze by a minds of those who have come to adore this place.

Rain that reappears, pulling adult from a earth in a swell of stems and stalks, fronds and blades, leaves and vines, all emotional toward a sky that once hold them.



The Inuit might use 15 opposite difference for snow; here in a subtropics, we have during slightest that many kinds of rain


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