Salming OT Comp Shoe Review

April 21, 2018 - metal shoes

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It’s Salming not Salomon, nonetheless both companies are stellar in terms of peculiarity and performance.  Literally a second we slipped a Salming OT Comp (Off Trail Competition) on my feet we knew a shoe was something special.  It was only so light and gentle and looked so rad, like a opening lane shoe done only for a mud.  The filigree fiber embodying a shoe and a assertive lugs on a bottom looked like they would perform well in any condition.

Salming OT Comp Features

Aggressive Sole Lugs  – The lugs on these boots are done for a sloppiest of sand and a steepest of mountains.  By a makers of Michelin tires, these soles will have we putting a pedal to a steel while progressing traction by a mud. However, don’t run on cement or these lugs will certainly wear off.

Mesh Fiber – The top is stoical of a fiber filigree that wicks divided dampness as it glides by a air.

Super light weight– 9 ounces


Salming OT Comp Usage

I showed adult to this years Atlanta Savage Race with my New Balance Minimus boots since we know they stay on my feet in mud, are lightweight, and are minimalist, definition they are good for tip toeing by a forest.  we started a competition however wearing a Salming OT Comps, and it was like going from a 2012 Toyota Celica to a 2018 Subaru Outback with sand tires, from discerning and cosy to quick, snug, lean, and mean.  Starting around noon a sand puddles had copiousness of time to get super sloppy. we took a boots for all they were value and stormed true by each sand spill reservoir with a vengeance.   The lugs shot by a spill and grabbed onto plain belligerent as they propelled me to dry ground.  The 6 miles went by quickly.  The obstacles were all tackled uniformly with a boots solely for Balls to a Wall, where we wish we would of had my Minimus’ on since they are good on a climbing holds.  The OT Comps don’t have as most of a forked toe as a Minimus’, however, for all else, they were higher in ability.

Salming OT Comp Durability

As prolonged as they are used off road, they will final a prolonged time.  They are done only for sand and trails.

Salming OT Comp Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Streamlined
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Rugged


  • Although they are comfortable, during slightest for adult to 6 miles, there is not most support in terms of arch.  My feet harm for a week.  They will take some time to mangle them in.


Salming OT Comp Conclusion

The Salming OT Comp is uninformed to a OCR universe and has come on strong.  They done this shoe only for sand runs and disagreeable terrain.  The Michelin soles and their impassioned lugs reason their possess to any shoe out there.  we would really suggest them to any OCR contestant or even ultra route curtain for that matter.  we only suggest violation them in and doing some brief runs before going on any prolonged runs in them.  They are gorgeous, pointy looking, and in comparison with other OCR shoes, they are affordable.

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