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June 5, 2018 - metal shoes

It took only one instance in Kenya, in 2007, when Kenton Lee beheld that a tiny lady in a white dress subsequent to him had boots that were approach too tiny for her feet. That one instance set him on a trail to formulating The Shoe That Grows, a low-cost-high-lifetime shoe that expands adult to 5 sizes and lasts for over 5 years, for impecunious children around a world… and helped mold a truth behind his non-profit classification Because International, with a aim of “making things improved by creation improved things.”

Kids grow fast, that means they outgrow their garments and boots fast too… forcing low-income-family children to possibly wear boots even after they stop fitting, or travel around barefoot. On a goal to make one shoe that lasts by this enlargement process, Kenton launched The Shoe That Grows, an innovative square of boots that expands to fit children as they grow with age (much like a Petit Pli garments that enhance in size).

Ill-fitted boots are uncomfortable, though walking barefoot leaves children exposed to soil-transmitted diseases and parasites that can means illness and even death, aside from a cuts, burns, and blisters. The Shoe That Grows combats a hapless unfolding where children outgrow their boots by being a one span of boots that grows with them. Extending during a front, sides, and a back, a sandals work simply like a belt would… expanding with distance and necessity. With a tough, compressed-rubber sole, leather body, and durable steel clips, a sandals exaggerate of high-quality, high-durability, though low-cost materials to yield one resolution that accommodates enlargement adult to 5 sizes and lasts for years, even underneath severe conditions. Available to possess and/or even distribute, Because International lets we not only knowledge a expanding sandals (or expandals!) first-hand though also fundraise and be a partial of their eminent undertaking. Go ahead… put your best feet forward!

Designer: Kenton Lee (Because International)

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