Olivier Rousteing’s Epic Resort ’19 Boots Are Cuissard Couture

June 8, 2018 - metal shoes

“It’s like that gigantic summer that I’ve been forgetful of,” said Olivier Rousteing of his Balmain review ‘19 collection. All aqueous, sequined sunsets, and pearl embellishments charged with whisper-thin, disco metallics — it’s as fickle and enchanting as a engineer himself.

Yesterday during his house’s Paris HQ, a Balmain artistic executive gave FN a debate of a collection’s epic footwear.

Pièces de résistance were his famous Balmain cuissard boots. They came in lead foil, palm-printed jacquard, an artistic wooden mosaic construction, recalling marquetry, and with a striking black and white Balmain logo.

Balmain review '19

He dubbed this brew of normal and slicing corner fabrications, echoed in a ready-to-wear, “a antithesis collection, old normal France churned with my future and how we see Balmain in years to come.”

The foiled versions removed Quality Street candies. They matched a thespian ruched mini dress a tone of a confectionary brand’s Coconut Éclair. Said dress was finished from a special wearable paper fused with a printed foil.

Balmain review '19

The mosaic boots (there’s a relating dress that’s lined in muslin and light as air) are Rousteing’s favorite since they best counterpart a couture proceed he’s practical to a collection.

Elsewhere, sock foot / sandal variety were finished in a mosaic of damaged counterpart shards while ankle boots in sand-colored suede featured bezel-shaped steel studs. “I call them my Burning Man shoes,” he said. “The judgment is gigantic night where anything can happen; it’s a soldier cause churned with a some-more delicate side of a residence aesthetic.”

Balmain review '19

Chunky heels were inset with a floating chronicle of that Balmain residence code, a coin, given a Rousteing diagnosis so it resembled a tiny disco round while androgynous buckled shoe boots came with a low Western character heel.

“I call these a prosaic shoes,” he laughed. “Though they’re not indeed flat, they’re usually as high as a ones I’m wearing.” For a record, he is operative a good dual inches with a spare black jean. He shot all a mini dresses in his debate with this model, he said: “I adore a judgment of violation a conformation that I’m famous for.”

Balmain review '19

Rousteing has stretched his boots collection to ring a outrageous operation of styles designed to woo a likewise far-reaching operation of women. “Shoes are removing bigger and bigger for us,” he said.

This increasing concentration on footwear, teamed with a retail enlargement and record drive of a final few months are “all about building a clever Balmain universe like never before,” he enthused.

“It’s all about violation a rules,” he said. we wish to concentration on my prepared to wear and pull couture within that prepared to wear.” He will benefaction a demi couture plug within a men’s collection he’s display in Paris in a integrate of weeks.

Balmain review '19

Would he ever pierce into tangible couture? “I don’t know if couture currently is unequivocally relevant,” he mused. “I meant if we do couture it will be in a opposite way. The couture patron is not a same as before.”

And with that, he headed off to continue operative on a men’s open ’19 collection he’s presenting in only over dual weeks. “If we wish to see a conform show,” he laughed, “I have to go now.” We do.

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