New Security Measures Implemented during Pratt & Whitney and XL Center

October 17, 2017 - metal shoes

Oct. 17, 2017

Providing a safe, enchanting and fun sourroundings for all fans is a tip priority for UConn Division of Athletics and Spectra Venue Management Services during Pratt Whitney Stadium during Rentschler Field and XL Center.  For a 2017-2018 season, new confidence measures are being implemented to safeguard a health and reserve of all guests. 

Walk-through steel detectors will be commissioned during both Pratt Whitney Stadium and XL Center for destiny UConn Athletics events.  Pending a installation, these new confidence measures could be in place Saturday during UConn’s Football diversion vs. Tulsa.

These new confidence measures are in further to a existent bag process and taboo equipment and are consistent with other universities and vital sporting teams/venues in an bid to emanate protected environments.  

Fans are speedy to concede for additional time to enter Pratt Whitney Stadium and XL Center and to leave non-essential equipment during home by minimizing a series of personal equipment they move and mislay any equipment that might trigger a alarm before walking by a detectors.  Guests will need to dull their pockets into a bin though will not need to mislay their belts or shoes. 

Bags smaller than 12″ x 6″ x 12″ will be available inside. Patrons who have bags incomparable than a available distance will be asked to lapse them to their vehicles or drop them. All bags, purses or personal equipment of any distance are theme to search. An difference will be done for medically required equipment and diaper bags with an accompanied child after correct inspection. Over-sized and taboo equipment are incompetent to be stored during possibly venue.    

Please find a finish list of taboo equipment and some-more information on a bag process during  Frequently asked questions can also be found below.  For questions, greatfully hit UConn Fan Feedback online during, by email during or call 860-486-4712. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can we exclude to go by a steel detector? 
A: Yes, guest who opt to not go by a steel detector will be wanded, that might check opening into a venues. 

Q: Do we need to mislay my belt, shoes, and jacket?
A: Fans will not have to mislay their belts, boots and jackets. Our new state-of-the-art walk-through steel showing systems are means to comment for certain personal effects and will not trigger a alarm.

Q: Is there a line for fans that do not have bags or purses? 
A: Fans but bags or purses will have expedited opening by a designated and dedicated lines noted by signage during any venue.  

Q: How do a increasing confidence measures impact fans with wheelchairs? 
A: Our steel detectors are far-reaching adequate to concede easy opening into a venue. However, wheelchairs will expected trigger an alarm. If a alarm is triggered, a guest will be checked with a steel detector wand.

Q: I have a medical device that sets off steel detectors. What is going to occur to me during a gate?
A: If a medical device sets off an alarm, a guest will be checked with a steel detector wand. Our steel detectors will not have any inauspicious outcome on medical devices, e.g. pacemakers, corner replacements, oxygen tanks, etc.

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