Mega Cat Studios is Brewing a Fresh Pot of Coffee Crisis May 2nd. Come Take a Sip!

May 2, 2018 - metal shoes

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Caffeinated Couch Co-op Coffee Crisis Public Released!


Coming in May for Windows, Mac, and Linux (Q3 for Xbox One), Coffee Crisis is a neo-rogue soldier that puts we in a boots of a usually baristas on Earth with adequate complicated steel in their veins to deflect off an visitor assault. Fill your cup, strike a streets, and hit a beans out of some aliens!


Trailer Here

Press Kit Here


The Smurglian competition has come to Earth and they’re not withdrawal until they take a 3 many cherished commodities: complicated metal, giveaway Wifi, and a coffee. They launch their advance from a coffee emporium and widespread their attack by possessing all a internal grannies, bros, and nation singers! Little did they know that their belligerent 0 is also a heaviest, most-metal coffee emporium on a planet, and home to earth’s many doubtful defense: Nick and Ashley, dual baristas prepared to brawl!


Crunch by fistfuls of visitor beef as we stop a advance with a accumulation of grabs, special moves, and suplexes, all set to an agitator complicated steel soundtrack! Play solo or join adult with a crony to quarrel opposite 10 singular locations trimming from your Coffee House HQ to a distant reaches of outdoor space. Stomp an army of furious visitor enemies and their brainwashed humans with weapons like sacks of coffee beans, Martian lava swords, and severed visitor limbs!


Already averted a crisis? Come behind for some-more in Death Metal Mode, and suffer pointless modifiers to a enemies and movement on any playthrough. Over 100 mods can assistance a actor (extra health, additional damage), harm a actor (elite enemies, large rivalry spawns), or holder adult a steel (guitar riffs, coffee and blood raining from a sky)! Take advantage of a tradition Twitch Mixer integrations that concede viewers to opinion on what kind of mod a pennon will get! It’s a totally singular crater of kick ’em adult movement each time we play!


Key Facts and Features


  • Ten Levels of Smurglian Smashing Goodness

  • Controller Support

  • Gorgeous hand-drawn sprites and environments

  • Local commune to quarrel aliens with friends

  • Encounter pointless modifiers that could make we an godlike murdering appurtenance or serve a overflow of distracted hexed cowgirls! You’ll never knowledge a same crater of vast coffee destruction twice!

  • Twitch/Mixer formation lets we suffer a diversion while gripping both hands on your coffee cup!

  • Hard-Hitting, Face-Melting, Heavy Metal Soundtrack!

  • Brainwashed grannies and dangerous amounts of caffeine!

  • Available on Mac, Windows and Linux

  • Coming shortly to PC, Xbox One Nintendo Switch

Get It Now!


Interested in a examination copy? Reply to this summary and we’ll be happy to fire we a Steam key; we’re also open to scheduling interviews about a game- don’t demur to hit us!

Additional Coffee Crisis resources accessible here.


About Mega Cat Studios

Founded in 20XX, Mega Cat Studios is a tiny developer with a lot of heart, and one goal: to keep a dream of gaming- a dream we remember from a days of youth- alive and well. Whether we’re building a high tech VR pretension or an NES games, cartridge and all, a name is a stamp of peculiarity on all we produce.

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