Man Walking Upside Down With Ropes Goes Viral in China

July 20, 2018 - metal shoes

A prime male walking upside down by unresolved ropes is a latest strike in China.

Lin Liangwang, 44, has been practicing a attempt for some-more than 6 months in his hometown of Muyun in Fu’an county, Fujian Province.

The rancher was desirous to accomplish a act after observant another performer destroy final year, according to CCTV.

“In a beginning, we used to hang dual ropes from a roof of my room to use [hanging]. we initial used for about dual to 3 months, followed by that we attempted to recover my feet and walk,” KUTV quoted Lin as saying.

Lin took things serve when he fashioned a span of 125-kilogram (275-pound) steel boots and wore them while walking.

Now, a video of his attempt covering 13 meters has left viral on Chinese amicable media.

“The hardest partial is to stand a slope. You need your ankles to offshoot on to a rope. While climbing a slope, your feet and physique need to hook to maximize your strength. You won’t be means to make it otherwise,” he shared.

It is different either Lin was indeed means to make a record for his latest performance, though he’s dynamic to cover a same stretch from a tallness of 8 meters in a future.

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