Man found passed now suspected in Dec. 29 robbery

March 29, 2018 - metal shoes

Police contend they trust a male found passed in Vancouver’s Image area was endangered in a violence and spoliation of an comparison man. Vincent R. Trevino, 23, was found passed a integrate of miles divided from a victim’s home, only hours after a assault.

A illusive means confirmation filed in Clark County Superior Court identifies 4 suspects, including Trevino, in a Dec. 29 violence of 63-year-old Douglas Hodgson.

Trevino’s physique was detected in a early morning hours of Dec. 30 nearby Northeast 126th Avenue and Northeast 28th Street, about 2 1/2 miles from Hodgson’s residence. Trevino died as a outcome of mixed gunshot wounds, according to a medical examiner, and his genocide was ruled a homicide. A think in his genocide has not nonetheless been identified.

Three other suspects in a violence — Adrian Diaz Aguilar, 20, Jessica R. Tellez, 33, and Pedro Hernandez Jr., 40 — have all been arrested and seemed in Superior Court. Aguilar is confronting charges of first-degree burglary, first-degree spoliation and possession of a stolen engine vehicle; Tellez is confronting first-degree thievery and second-degree temperament theft; and Hernandez is confronting first-degree thievery and first-degree assault.

Court annals state that Hodgson was beaten into swoon with steel pipes, and his wallet, containing withdraw cards, and a firearm were stolen. He suffered mixed rib, spine and facial fractures, low conduct lacerations and mind bleeding.

Shots-fired call

Shortly after 4 a.m. Dec. 30, Vancouver military responded to reports of shots dismissed in a 12500 retard of Northeast 28th Street and found Trevino’s body. The solitary of one of his boots was lonesome in blood, and military found a cellphone and “jiggler” key, used to collect automobile locks, in his possession, according to a illusive means affidavit.

A hunt of Trevino’s cellphone found Facebook messages he had sent to mixed people Dec. 29, that enclosed a print of a china 2006 Hyundai Sonata that was reported stolen dual days before in Vancouver. Investigators also found messages deliberating “hitting a lick,” jargon for committing a spoliation or burglary, a confirmation states.

Then on Jan. 1, Vancouver military responded to a chateau in a 600 retard of Northeast 124th Avenue for an assault.

Jason Hodgson told military he hadn’t listened from his father, Douglas Hodgson, for several days and was endangered about his welfare. When he went to check on him, he found a inside of a chateau in irregularity and blood on a floor, walls and equipment via a place, justice papers say.

He found his father comatose in a bedroom, and it was apparent he had been vigourously assaulted, a confirmation states.

Police searched Douglas Hodgson’s chateau and dynamic he had been assaulted in a kitchen. There were shoe prints in dusty blood — one of a patterns seemed to compare Trevino’s shoes, military said. A vast steel siren lonesome in blood was also recovered, justice annals show.

A request patrician “Agreement” was located in Hodgson’s bedroom, indicating a attribute between him and Tellez that he apparently wanted to end, according to justice documents.

Various phone records, including information from a tracking app and content messages between Hodgson and Tellez, uncover that she contacted him during 4:29 p.m. Dec. 29. She asked if she could do her washing during his residence, and he agreed. Tellez stopped by that dusk when Hodgson left to get food. He returned home during 9:24 p.m., justice annals show. Police contend they trust Hodgson was pounded shortly after he returned home.

The stolen Hyundai believed to have been used in a spoliation was found Jan. 2 in a 2500 retard of Northeast 138th Avenue. Investigators found blood and a steel pipe, relating a one found during a crime scene, inside a car, a confirmation states.

On Jan. 4, Hernandez incited himself in to a Department of Corrections bureau in Vancouver on an separate warrant. Tellez gathering him there. Detectives questioned both of them about a attack and robbery.

Hernandez pronounced it was Tellez’s thought to steal Hodgson’s residence. She went there to do her laundry, and Hernandez, Trevino and Aguilar were ostensible to accommodate her there, he said. However, Hernandez motionless he couldn’t go by with a plan, he said. He after met adult with Tellez during a motel where a organisation was staying, and they left to Portland, justice annals say. Trevino and another lady were ostensible to accommodate adult with them, Hernandez said, though he never showed up.

Tellez told detectives that for several years, Hodgson has supposing her with assistance, such as money, and that she went to his place that day to do laundry. He refused to give her income for food, though left to get her some. She left when he did, she said, and went behind to a motel when he didn’t lapse and stopped responding to her messages and calls, according to justice documents.

In his talk with investigators, Aguilar pronounced he stayed outward during a spoliation and acted as a lookout. He pronounced he didn’t know what happened inside Hodgson’s residence. They after ditched a car, and Aguilar was educated to clean it down, a confirmation says.

Court annals state a review is ongoing.

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