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August 10, 2018 - metal shoes

SEDALIA, MO (WDAF/CNN) – A Missouri male is indicted of starving and violence his girlfriend’s kids.

Police are also alleging a male forced a children to eat shoes.

They pronounced dual girls and a boy, ages 12, 9, and 8, endured horrific abuse for 4 years.

Court annals contend James Hays Jr. lived with his girlfriend, his 3 kids and her 3 kids.

Last month a aunt of a 12, 9, and 8-year-old took a kids to a circuitously sanatorium after seeing they had “large bruises.”

Investigators interviewed all 3 kids, and justice annals fact a heartless abuse they endured.

One child had manifest bruising on her legs.

A neighbor who didn’t wish to be identified pronounced there were manifest footprints on a girl’s shin, and badly painful ribs.

The children told military Hays, famous as Jimmy, would mostly “yell during them, flog them and pat them” for perplexing to get something to eat.

On one occasion, a child pronounced Hays forced her to “eat prohibited peppers” and poured “water over her head” so that she could hardly breathe.

They also contend they were mostly shoved in a lavatory and sealed in with bars that Hays would impact down.

One child reported that their mom would try to hide food to them while sealed in a bathroom.

Court annals contend that some-more than once a kids were done to take several shoelaces out of shoes, and Hays would make them eat tools of a shoe.

Whoever ate “most of a shoe” would get to stop and “eat genuine breakfast.”

Hays also mostly forced a kids to do jumping jacks, squats, and push-ups.

And if he wasn’t satisfied, a kids pronounced he’d kick, spank, and and hit them with a belt with “little pointy steel things on it.”

Court annals contend hays would also use a spatula and hanger to kick them.

The abuse mostly lead to bruises and bleeding.

Police searched a residence where he lived on Monday and found many of a conditions a kids described, including steel brackets and bars nearby a doors.

Hays was arrested and now faces mixed child abuse charges.

He is being hold on a $1 million bond.

The children are staying with extended family members.

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