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May 24, 2018 - metal shoes


By Janie C. Farina LPGA

Is your golf diversion “aging gracefully”?

“Grow aged along with me! The best is nonetheless to be, a final of life, for that a initial was made. Our times are in his palm who saith, ‘A whole we planned, girl shows though half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!” ~Robert Browning

Is your golf diversion aging gracefully, or is golf aging you? Determined to grow aged with a apparatus you’ve had for decades, or maybe anticipating to breathe new life into your golf diversion by trade your whole bag in for a younger model? Can new clubs indeed retreat a golf aging process?

Personally, we like unresolved onto things — generally my golf clubs, as we feel dedicated to a fine-tuning of a swing, by regulating apparatus that I’ve turn used to. Only recently, I’ve turn dishonest to my steel shafted manacles from 2003.

What’s a apparatus “facelift” all about? Everything from bags, shoes, and especially, golf clubs:

  1. Bags: My memories of personification golf and carrying my Sunday bag concerned laying a bag down on a belligerent each shot, afterwards tortuous over to collect it adult again. When a mount bag came along, it alleviated many bruise golfers from early behind pain.
  2. Shoes: No some-more steel spikes to rip adult a greens or wooden pro emporium building that splintered endlessly. Now cosmetic spikes are incorporated into a solitary of a golf shoe, with sneaker-like lightness to discharge sore, achy feet during a turn — and spike outlines or blemishes on a immature are faded memories.
  3. Club conduct design: Irons, woods and putters can supplement years to your diversion with forgiving conduct designs, such as expel vs. fake manacles and face offset putters that capacitate players to well-spoken out a wrinkles in their putting stroke. Driver heads have stretched to dirigible stretch by regulating steel composites for thinner, lighter and stronger design.
  4. Shaft composite: Not usually is graphite record a fountain of girl for players with earthy challenges, slower pitch speeds, beginners, seniors, and juniors, though also for modernized players with pitch speeds a immature bucks possess. These lighter, longer, some-more fast shafts concede players to pitch faster, benefit some-more distance, and emanate aloft launch angles for some-more fascinating round flight.
  5. Grips: Do we unequivocally need a golf glove, with grips that feel like baby’s skin and have a tackiness of Elmer’s Glue? Not to discuss a colors, shapes and sizes that putters sport, these days? (If you’re removing blisters, a golf doctrine on how to reason a bar might be in order, though if your hands persperate a glove is a good idea).

Now that my lift bag feels like a plume holding my new propitious graphite clubs, cushy new grips that arthritic fingers adore to hold, and meaningful my shots are roving light years over and aloft during my age that shouldn’t be legal, flourishing aged with new golf record has done a follower out of me — that a “best golf” is “yet to be”!

Keep golfing gracefully!

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