Get Organized: Foolproof ways to classify all your shoes

May 4, 2018 - metal shoes


Get Organized columnist Marla Ottenstein shares 3 tips to keep your boots orderly and tidy.
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Unless your name is Imelda Marcos — infamous for, among other things, her collection of 3,000 pairs of shoes— it’s time to COLLECT, SORT, CLEAN DECIDE.

To classify your shoes, your initial charge is to: 

» COLLECT all of your boots — from a Jimmy Choo heels to a Target flip-flops — from underneath a bed, behind a lounge and from any closet in your home before backing them up, by character and as pairs, on a floor;

» subsequent is to SORT by and winnow any and any shoe, foot and sandal, seeking yourself: “Do we need, want, use or like these? Are they comfortable? Are they in bad shape? Will we ever wear them?”

» Then, before putting one singular span back, we need to CLEAN a area from where we private a shoes.

» The final step is to DECIDE what to do with all a boots we no longer want, need, use or like. (Donate, correct or consign.)

With a difference of a few over-the-top ideas, such as Beyoncé’s programmed and aflame shoe drawers, many of a solutions listed subsequent are for people, like we and me, who don’t have a custom-built closet system:

1. Hanging board shoe hilt with pockets: These cloth shoe organizers (6, 10 or 12 pockets) hang over a rods in your closet and are, in my opinion, vital space hogs. Also, nonetheless they are washable, they tend to attract mud and mud and smell something wicked.

2. If your closet has a customary doorway (i.e.: not a slot or bi-fold door), a multipocket behind-the-door unresolved shoe hilt is a good approach to store all from boots to qualification supplies. To strengthen your shoes, equivocate a enticement to jam some-more than one span into any pocket.

3. If your closet has a customary door, an over-the-door steel shoe shelve will work, though remember: Once we hang your boots on a steel holders and tighten a door, a soles of your boots could (and substantially will) hold your clothes.

4. Multi-tier stackable racks are ideal for storing sneakers in your garage, though given many of these are done of slatted timber shelving, it’s roughly unfit to store high-heeled shoes. Additionally, since a shelving is open, any mud on a bottom of your boots will eventually land on a building or on tip of a boots below.

5. Skip a under-the-bed shoe organizers. Out of sight, out of mind, that in my book means: If we can’t see them, you’ll forget we possess them. Make a guarantee to keep all boots in one closet and not to lie by squirrelling some divided underneath a bed or in a guest room.

6. While researching this column, we came opposite several revolving shoe racks — consider “Lazy Susan on steroids.” The “free-standing” models, that are unwieldy and wobbly, take adult an unreasonable volume of space. If we select to have a closet engineer implement a revolving shoe rack, be prepared to remove a lot of space unless he/she is means to tuck a shelve in a corner.

7. To box or not to box? If we chose to keep your boots in their strange boxes, be certain to clearly tag a boxes, or improved yet, take a sketch of that boots go inside any shoebox and fasten it to a outward of a box for easy identification.

8. You can also opt to use cosmetic shoeboxes, which, trust it or not, now come in “tall” sizes to accommodate a too-crazy-too-tall high heel craze. (Container Store: 13” x 7.5” x 4.25”H) If we go a transparent cosmetic shoebox route, make certain to hang with usually one code so a boxes will fit firmly one on tip of another.

9. Not usually are shoe cubbies a ideal approach to store your shoes, though they’re also a good approach to maximize a under-utilized space in your closet. Cubbies can be stacked, one on tip of another, or lined up, one subsequent to another, in a neat row.

Remember, if we no longer tap, it’s time to representation (donate) a daub shoes. If we have a favorite span of boots in need of repair, stop procrastinating and take them to a cobbler. If your boots are worried or too scuffed-up to repair, it’s time to present them to a estimable cause.

Premier Professional Organizer Marla Ottenstein offers consultant residential and corporate veteran organizing services. Licensed Insured. Member: National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. Her mainstay appears on a initial Friday of any month. For some-more information: or on Facebook: Send questions about how to get and stay organized, to be addressed in destiny columns.

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