Footwear Maestros Step Up during Couture

July 6, 2018 - metal shoes

Each heel — trustworthy to, say, a strappy sandal with a abounding red satin ribbon, or a black filigree ankle foot with a low purple toe top — is strengthened by an inner steel branch that takes a wearer’s full weight, a perfected craftsmanship routine that means a boots are as many a attainment of engineering as they are of design.

“Pieces like these make we consider in a whole new approach about boots and how to take it to new heights,” Mr. Dolcini said, no joke intended. “What’s more, there are women who wish boots like this, that are things of genuine beauty and that no one else has. Especially during Paris couture.”

This was a view echoed by Christian Louboutin, owner of one of a world’s best-known oppulance shoe brands, who also debuted a collection of made-to-order styles (Beyoncé is wearing Louboutins as partial of her theatre habit for her stream universe tour). Imagine black matte alligator pumps with gold-plated wooden spikes sharpened out from a heel, and knee-high white quilted sneakers with steel soles, and you’ll get a idea.

“There is a good understanding of courtesy paid to runway couture and haute joaillerie, though we wanted to prominence a fact that there are many artisans in my workshops who are also means to make pieces that aren’t mass produced, and of a many artistic quality,” he said.

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