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January 24, 2018 - metal shoes

FootJoy Tour S Shoe Unveiled

FootJoy’s Pro/SL took a shoe marketplace by charge in 2017, charity fortitude in a stylish spikeless package that a Tour players loved.

In 2018, FootJoy explain fortitude levels have been taken to even loftier heights in a form of a new Tour S shoe.

FootJoy Tour S Shoe Review

It boasts even wider cleat positioning than a D.N.A. Helix to maximize belligerent force, something that is pivotal for formulating energy with control during a swing, along with a new outsole construction and additional elements that make Tour S FJ’s many fast shoe to date.


Its pattern is suggestive of XPS-1 in places, an underrated shoe from 2005 that sadly got rather mislaid in a lightweight shoe revolution. Tour S offers a same form of opening as XPS-1, though to a larger grade and in a many lighter weight.

The comfort elements, like a dual-density fit bed, soothing froth collar around a ankle and EVA tongue on tip also assistance keep a feet sealed in place.

WATCH: FootJoy Tour S On-Course Review

FJ are job a areas that residence a cleats Launch Pods and nonetheless some of them are manifest looking down, they’re done of a unclouded TPU to minimise distraction.

Tour S is also one of FJ’s many reward boots though it looks like no responsibility has been spared in a pattern and we consider you’ll determine it has a character to match. FJ-Tour-S-colours

The categorical partial of a outsole is done from Pebax, that is lighter than normal TPU and mostly used in football boots. A CO twine square in a centre of a outsole provides fortitude in a lighter approach than a normal steel shank.

FootJoy Tour S Shoe Review

The Power Strap on a top helps to keep your feet in place inside a shoe. New PPL Leather from Pittards doesn’t need a surface to be waterproof, so is many lighter as a result.

Key Info

One sale from Feb 12th. Comes in 4 styles, one in BOA lacing accessible in March. RRPs £220, BOA £230.

Tech QA

FootJoy’s Jeremy Baldwin answers a questions about it’s pivotal shoe for 2018

Describe a grounds of Tour S?
All a components on a outsole and some on a top to are designed for fortitude – it’s a many fast shoe we’ve ever made. Compared with DNA Helix a cleat chain is wider. XPS was a good fast shoe though it was a hold complicated so we’ve done Tour S many lighter.

Who would advantage from a some-more fast shoe?
Someone who moves their reduce physique around a lot during their pitch or generates a lot of clubhead speed would advantage many from this form of shoe.

How has a reward cost indicate been justified?
The stability, comfort and courtesy to detail. The froth in a collar provides comfortable, customized fit. There’s also a twin firmness fit bed that provides comfort and fringe stability, as good as a lifted territory underneath a heel that stops a feet relocating around, as does a tongue that is done of a opposite material. We’ve also used a many reward PPL waterproof leather from Pittards.

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