Doctors warn: Keep your boots on this summer!

June 21, 2018 - metal shoes

ROCKFORD – Today outlines a central start of Summer, and people of all ages will wish to go barefoot in a prohibited season. Now is a time to go over a ‘do’s and don’t’s’ of healthy feet care, and because going barefoot during a pool is ok, though other places – not so much.

Dr. Sydea Roshan, DPM during Swedish American, warns that, while going barefoot in a place like a open pool and H2O parks is ok, make certain to rinse your feet with an anti-bacterial soap.

This helps forestall common conditions like Athlete’s Foot and plantar warts from occurring. It’s also endorsed to wear flip-flops in a open shower.

One place we should never be but boots is your backyard, a place that can contain traces of animal feces and plants like Poison Ivy. Also, we run a risk of stepping on a square of potion or a rusted nail.

Dr. Roshan says that, if this happens, find medical courtesy immediately.

“Anything that’s a steel object, if it punctures your foot, we can really need a tetanus shot,” she said. “The earlier we get that, a improved for yourself. If we don’t we will notice that you’re going to rise cellulitis, that is fundamentally when your feet gets red, prohibited and warm.”


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