Converse’s One Star Glitter Sneakers Are Like Galaxies For Your Feet

June 5, 2018 - metal shoes

If you’re looking to gleam only a bit brighter this summer, your favorite boots code has totally got your back. Or your feet, rather. Converse’s One Star shine sneakers — that are awesomely blindingly twinkly — are here to put Dorothy Gale’s crimson red slippers to shame. No, we can’t click them together 3 times and unexpected be ecstatic behind to your common headquarters (how ill would that be?) though their pattern is so good is totally creates adult for it. Almost.

By now, you’re substantially informed with a Converse One Star sneaker. It’s a classical of a brand’s and is dear by everybody from Tyler a Creator (he’s collaborated with a code on a line of suede One Stars) to A$AP Rocky. Featuring a low arise tip and, many often, suede siding, it gets a name from a unaccompanied star that graces any of a sides. A distant cry from classical Converse Chuck Taylors, it’s got some-more of a cold streetwear feel.

Currently, we can get them in an array of colors and designs, from shades like red, navy, light blue, balmy yellow, and gray, to a black and white polka dot design. Never before have they been accessible in glitter, however, until now.

Thanks to a NikeiD customization service, we can now get your One Stars totally blinged out in 3 super glossy shades: gold, silver, and rose quartz. That’s right, rose bullion fans, we can now get your favorite shoe in your favorite hue. In my opinion, lead boots double as neutral boots — we can wear them with only about anything and they’ll demeanour good. Remember a china foot trend that took over final year? Let’s make summer 2018 a deteriorate of a china sneaker. (Way comfier, it’s a win-win.)


Pick your favorite new One Star character and suffer resplendent bright.

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