Capcom Shows Us What a Mega Man Dating Game Could Look Like In Its Apr Fools Gag

April 2, 2018 - metal shoes

Mega Man
(Photo: Capcom)

All sorts of companies are vouchsafing lax with Apr Fools jokes today. Even Capcom is removing in on a action, suggesting an choice Mega Man title that fans substantially wouldn’t mind personification – as prolonged as they aren’t awaiting movement along a lines of Mega Man 11.

The publisher posted a Apr Fools fun progressing today, in a form of Mega Man: Date My Robot Master, a Japanese dating diversion fashioned around a universe of a Blue Bomber. And, yes, it’s about as surreal as you’d design it to be.

The made-up diversion consists of several characters from a Mega Man universe, including Wood Man and Splash Woman, and puts them in humorous scenarios regarding, well, dating, of course. Here’s a “official” synopsis:

“It is a year 20XX. The universe breathes a common whine of service now that Mega Man has once again put an finish to Dr. Wily’s skeleton for universe domination. But then…a puzzling new send drudge joins a ranks of Robot University! Learn to navigate drudge multitude and get to know 8 opposite Robot Masters from classical Mega Man adventures in this singular visible novel set in a Mega Man universe! Placed in a steel boots of a new tyro fabricated by Dr. Light himself, it’s adult to we to learn about a secrets of a university, and maybe, if you’re lucky, find adore along a way.

Mega Man 2
(Photo: Capcom)

“With a universe during assent and a propagandize being delicately monitored by a dear Dean of Robots, Mr. X, you’ll have copiousness of time to make friends and forge new holds with your associate Robot Masters when you’re not bustling with category and homework. Fortunately, we won’t be alone in your query to win over a steel heart of one of 8 singular ‘bots from classical Mega Man games, as classical characters will assistance we out alongside code new features! See what your classmates consider of we and find out what gifts they’re diseased to with Roll Call, lay behind and suffer a story with Auto Mode, or find out what other robots are articulate about on amicable media with Beatbox.

“Jump from category to category to keep adult with your studies, and slip in to DMs to keep your favorite Robot Master happy! With mixed paths for any character, you’ll wish to play again and again to see all a opposite endings. Plus, gossip has it that there’s another, even more puzzling new send tyro that nobody’s met yet. Keep your Love Buster charged; we never know what competence happen!”

Mega Man 3
(Photo: Capcom)

There are several good image screens as well, including one conditions where we have to select between dual Gemini Man characters. Or, we know, “Search Snake!” if we cite to take that route.

Mega Man 4
(Photo: Capcom)


And, of course, a love-lorn Wood Man. Who wouldn’t wish to watch anime with Wood Man?!

This diversion won’t see a light of day – unless, of course, some sinful fan indeed creates it – though Mega Man 11 will come out after this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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