Can we MacGyver a booze bottle open with a shoe?

May 31, 2018 - metal shoes

Illustration: Libby McGuire

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Picture: A ideal summer day. You’ve prepared a cruise for a beach or park or outside film or unison with a crusty baguette, artisanal cheeses, farmers’ marketplace mill fruit. To tip it all off, a poetic pinot. But when we arrive during your destination, we learn that we left your encircle during home, and this bottle is not a twist-off. Short of outstanding a bottle neck opposite a tree and celebration around a angled edges, what can we do?

I’ve always listened about people being means to open booze bottles with shoes, though opportunely haven’t had to try out such a routine on my own. we honour myself on being means to open any bottle of booze with one of those pocket, 79-cent corkscrews. Broken cork? No problem! we will not rest until my idea (wine) is achieved!

Still, what if a junk drawer finally ran out of a clearly total supply of inexpensive corkscrews? Just a horrific suspicion was adequate for me to comprehend that opening a bottle of booze with a shoe competence be a profitable life skill, like being means to do your possess taxes. But as we am a decidedly unskilful person, we enlisted a handiest chairman we know to help: my husband. In this instance, let’s call him MacGyver. He’s a kinship electrician, so is one of those people who always has a box knife or a tiny flashlight on palm (now that we’re old, this creates us unequivocally renouned during dimly illuminated restaurants when he pulls out his light to review a 7-point form on a menu). When we went to a building to get a matrimony license, he had to dull his pockets of so most steel during a steel detectors, I’m astounded they indeed let us in a door.

Suffice it to say, if MacGyver can’t simply open a booze bottle with a shoe, we unequivocally doubt it would be easy for anyone. This is a male who can hang a roof fan—right out of a box. We found that a shoe with too most cushion, like his work boot, did not work as good as only a plain aged Oxford, fixation a booze bottle in it to mount adult only like a leg. Then we spin it on a side, holding a booze bottle with your right palm and a shoe with your left, smacking a heel opposite a hardest aspect possible, like a section wall if we have one accessible (hopefully a tree during your cruise is sturdy). Even then, we unequivocally had to penetrate a ruin out of it, creation some progress, though not adequate to fit him.


Proof positive.
Photo: Gwen Ihnat

MacGyver being MacGyver, he shortly protracted a wine-opening with another apparatus from his substantial arsenal: a lighter. He reasoned that requesting feverishness to a neck of a bottle would assistance apart a cork from a glass, and there was really an heard pop. That got us to about median out, with a few some-more Hulk- or Thor-worthy whacks to get us to that fugitive finish line. Important note: Do not finish a opening on a whack, that could have catastrophic consequences for booze we wish to splash rather than have break into your shoe. Once a cork is tighten adequate to squirm it out of there, squirm it out of there.

In conclusion, don’t forget your corkscrew. But if we do forget, and we occur to have a stout shoe, a lighter, and a MacGyver on hand, there only competence be wish for your cruise yet.


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