Barefoot contra shoes: what’s a verdict?

October 17, 2017 - metal shoes

Are these Britain’s fittest farriers? *PICTURES*

However we select to appreciate a word, farriers…

What a riders say

Lucy Straker is an general grand prix dressage rider in Wiltshire. Like many tip spin dressage riders, she boots her horses. “I like my horses to be shod with a lot of length of shoe behind to assistance say stability, generally in a rear limbs and this really helps forestall wear and rip serve adult a leg as they work harder and have to take some-more weight behind,” she explains.

Her horses are shod each 5 weeks, “to keep forward of angle changes that come with expansion over time and can lead to problems generally when we are seeking a horses to work as tough as they do adult during a aloft levels”.

The foe of continuation places opposite final on a equine heading to an choice proceed from competitors. Nicola Freud has 10 160k FEI contenders and says she runs all her horses barefoot. “Finding a farrier peaceful to tumble in with a impossibly high final is close on impossible,” she says.

In an continuation race, a horses will be oldster checked during slightest each 20 miles, and a foe of 100 miles will have 9 oldster checks. Her horses need to be embellished each 4 weeks for best change and if shod, it contingency be finished within 10 days of a vital competition, that occur each weekend from Nov to March.

That means a farrier would need to spin adult each other day to do only one horse, that is impractical.

Nicola reflects: “We can't concede and have found that being means to trim constantly and glue on boots when indispensable has constructed really good results.”

Rachael Claridge, who has represented Team GB in World Championships and is a UKCC Level 3 accredited coach, competed her Crabbet Arabian stallion barefoot until he changed adult from beginner to open spin endurance.

Because a marks were rougher, longer, and a speed faster, she had to put wider steel boots and pads on him. Her two-star equine also wears pads. “My farrier Joel Roberts builds them with creosote that has been a creation of this equine going all a approach to 120km two-star,” Rachael says.

With so many incompatible opinions and good reasons for doing both, a best thing a equine owners can do, with a submit of vets, farriers, or consultant trimmers, is figure out what keeps their horses soundest and happiest, that will count on discipline, conformation, and how a equine is kept.

It stays really most an particular decision.

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