Asics gets a feet adult with world’s 1st spike-free sprinter’s shoe

June 14, 2018 - metal shoes

Yoshihide Kiryu, a initial Japanese competitor to run 100 meters in underneath 10 seconds, is looking brazen to giving Asics Corp.’s new ultra-light, spike-free boots for sprinters a exam run.

“They are light,” he pronounced during an eventuality in Tokyo on May 29 to applaud a 100th anniversary of a birth of Kihachiro Onitsuka, owner of Asics. “I wish to try them.”

Although a antecedent of a shoes, denounced that day, has no steel studs on a soles, a special pattern of a soles of a next-generation boots will concede runners to strike a belligerent with some-more force, according to Asics officials. They are a initial of a kind in a world.

The hit area between a boots and a belligerent will be done incomparable interjection to a beehive-like CO structure on a soles, a officials said.

The new pattern succeeded in drastically shortening a weight of a shoes.

While any of a spikes used by Kiryu when he pennyless a 10-second separator weighed 120 grams, an Asics open family central pronounced a next-generation footgear will be “far lighter than 100 grams each.”

“I am looking brazen to saying spike-free using boots supposed as a new standard,” Kiryu said.

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