Asgard Gladiator steel bike strew review

January 29, 2018 - metal shoes

When it comes to storing your honour and joy, we don’t wish to cut corners. And while a Gladiator isn’t cheap, a galvanised-steel construction means it’s about as secure as a strew can get. 

The reinforced double doors pitch on beefed-up hinges and are cumulative with a five-point locking mechanism, consisting of a drill- and pick-resistant close and 4 10mm bolts. There are no windows, so no one can see there are bikes inside, though it does get flattering dark.

The strew is delivered in flat-pack form. You can compensate £200 to have it built, or arrange it yourself. While a instructions are flattering basic, it is a comparatively candid charge once we get into a pitch of things — nonetheless a big, complicated panels make it a two-person job. Asgard even supply silicone so we can sign a sleet out.

Once up, a Gladiator feels impossibly sturdy. Two shelves and a set of hooks are enclosed so we can keep things neat inside. we squeezed 7 bikes into cave (it’ll fit eight) along with tools, shoes, packs and other kit. 

Ultimately, storing your bike in something so secure creates it that bit easier to nap during night, that some-more than justifies a cost.

This essay was creatively published in Mountain Biking UK magazine, accessible on Apple Newsstand and Zinio.

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